What is TIEE?

Welcome to Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology (TIEE), a peer-reviewed web-based collection of ecological educational materials. TIEE is a resource for busy ecology faculty who are looking for new ways to reach their students, or who perhaps want to learn more about teaching and learning.

TIEE grew out of several ESA sessions about undergraduate teaching. In these meetings some faculty said that they wanted to actively involve their students more in classes, but didnít know how. Others knew there was a great deal of good teaching information on the web but did not have the time to find it. Some experienced faculty already trying new ways to teach wanted to push themselves further. We developed TIEE as a result of all of these comments.

The three sections of the Volume — Experiments, Issues, and Teaching — are designed to meet this broad range of needs. Experiments are for lab sections of courses, and Issues can be used in lecture, lab, and for homework. All of the TIEE materials include background information on the topic addressed, instructions for students, and notes to faculty. There are many links from both Experiments and Issues to the Teaching section which includes web-based resources, essays, and tutorials.


Current Editor

Christopher Beck (Emory University)

Funding History of TIEE

"Enhancing Use of TIEE Through a Formative Evaluation-Practitioner Research Component" NSF-DUE-0443714 Supplement ($49,903) 1 March 2005-1 March 2006.

"Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology TIEE): Disseminating web- and CD-ROM-Based Educational Materials Through the ESA." National Science Foundation, NSF-DUE-0127388 ($499,290) 1 March 2002 to 28 February 2005.

"Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology (TIEE): Developing web and CD-ROM based educational material through the Ecological Society of America." National Science Foundation, NSF-CCLI 99-52347 ($85,191), January-December, 2000.

Ecological Society of America (Long Range Planning Grant 2000), January-December, 2000 ($500).